Better CTV Ad Placements and Engagement

Utilize CTV/OTT along with direct response tactics to reach desired audiences and enhance return on ad spend.

Cord cutting is at an all time high. According to eMarketer, 83% of households have at least one streaming television subscription and that number is growing each year. Advertisers need to follow their consumers and many already are. Overall U.S. CTV advertising is expected to exceed $20 billion in the coming years.

More robust audience targeting, flexible ad optimization, and superior ad measurement are just some of the advantages CTV has over traditional broadcast TV. Yet even with these advantages, many advertisers are looking for ways to further enhance performance and analytics, especially with the sunsetting of cookies on the horizon.

What is CTV (Connected TV) and OTT (over-the-top)?

OTT, or Over-The-Top, refers to video content delivered over the internet directly to viewers instead of traditional broadcast, satellite, or cable mediums. CTV, or Connected TV refers to a television or a TV-connected device (Roku, AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Gaming Systems, etc.) that can stream video content from the web. Think of CTV as the conduit for delivering OTT content.

What channels and content are available for CTV/OTT ad placements?

Manicz Media has direct publisher access and exclusive inventory through custom PMP deals and platform integrations. Most ad supported platforms are available along with the ability to day-part ad delivery and choose device serving preferences.

Hulu, Paramount+, Peacock, AMC+, VUDU and more content sources are available for ad delivery and placements.

Hulu, Paramount+, Peacock, AMC+, VUDU and more content sources are available for ad delivery and placements.

Manicz Media will leverage the most relevant content and streaming publishers to coincide with the advertiser industry and messaging. Additionally, hyper targeted 1st and 3rd party data is layered on top of all ad campaign to ensure only the most relevant audiences are served CTV ad messaging.

Combine Connected TV with Direct Response Advertising

CTV/OTT much like broadcast television is typically utilized by advertisers as an awareness and branding tool. Manicz Media can take Connected TV to the next level with our ability to reach the same viewers but with cross device and direct response ad tactics (display, pre-roll video, and native advertising). CTV and direct response media solutions ads are best used in conjunction to maximize campaign performance, efficiently spend budget, and make optimizations effectively. By reaching users both where they are browsing the web and consuming OTT content, it not only creates extended audience reach that meets the user where they are, but also drives efficiencies among marketing objectives.

Users are exposed to your brand on desktop, tablet, mobile, and TV devices. For example, if a user is shown your brand’s ad while watching their favorite show on Hulu, they may not act right away. However, when that same user is scrolling or browsing on their phone or another device, your ads can continue to generate awareness and recognition outside of their watching habits.

As we follow the user through their journey in the funnel, we can utilize cadence messaging to generate lower funnel conversions. Retargeting is not only proven to increase conversion rates up to 70%, but is one of the most efficient ways to make your brand’s dollars work for you. For example, if a user is scrolling on a mobile device and clicks on the ad, but does not yet act on a site, they are grouped into a specific audience. That audience is then retargeted, with a specific message, that will then hopefully drive them to convert or act on the site. By utilizing a retargeting message, your brand is creating a customized experience for a user that has already been exposed to your brand earlier in their journey. This creates trust and credibility between the brand and the user.

Influenced Traffic

Through the use of IP tracking, Manicz Media can provide further insights into how audiences engage with ConnectedTV advertising. CTV/OTT ad placements are often not clickable(unless mobile inventory is enabled) so audiences can not directly engage with the ad messaging. Many viewers will perform a Google Search or manually enter the advertiser’s website URL directly into their phone or computer though. Utilizing IP tracking allows for the ability to monitor users who had been served a Manicz Media digital ad placement and then made it to the advertiser’s website even if they did not click on the ad itself.

This “influenced traffic” is a way for marketers to see the performance of their paid media campaign beyond direct ad clicks. Influenced traffic is often two or three times higher than direct ad clicks and usually is done by the most engaged audiences who are actively interested in the promoted products or services.

Influenced web traffic can be many time higher than direct ad clicks.

Influenced web traffic will showcase the activity of users who were served a CTV ad.

In addition to web traffic, Manicz Media can measure conversions including requests for information, button clicks, and measure product sales using IP tracking pixels to showcase conversions that were influenced by paid media campaigns.

Is Connected TV the Right Ad Channel for me?

Streaming TV advertising is one of the most popular mediums available today. Many advertisers are looking at this advertising channel and trying to determine if it is worth a test and good use of their advertising budget. The reality is that Connected TV is not for every brand and advertiser. It can be expensive compared to pre-roll video, YouTube, social media and other video ad placements. Additionally, if budgets are limited and Cadence Messaging isn’t an option, it will be difficult to measure if the CTV/OTT campaign was effective in delivering on marketing KPIs.

Manicz Media strategists often walk advertisers through the pros and cons of ConnectedTV ad placements. While it can provide fantastic brand authenticity, it can also quickly eat up marketing dollars. Having CTV as part of a media mix that includes direct response is often the best approach.

Contact Manicz Media today and allow our team to build out a media plan that engages desired audiences through CTV/OTT, utilize cookieless IP tracking, and build a comprehensive media mix to reach your marketing objectives.

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