Biden Administration Plans to Support Healthcare New Hires

According to the Biden Administration, as posted on, as a part of the Covid recovery initiatives and what they are calling the “American Rescue Plan”, the administration is going to support the hiring of medical workers throughout communities across the country.

The American Rescue Plan will include an initiative to “Mobilize a public health jobs program to support COVID-19 response. The president’s plan includes a historic investment in expanding the public health workforce. This proposal will fund 100,000 public health workers, nearly tripling the country’s community health roles. These individuals will be hired to work in their local communities to perform vital tasks like vaccine outreach and contact tracing in the near term and to transition into community health roles to build our long-term public health capacity that will help improve quality of care and reduce hospitalization for low-income and underserved communities.”

With many hospitals and healthcare facilities already struggling to remain well staffed hopefully this Federal support can provide much needed assistance for healthcare networks and communities across the country.

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Biden Administration Plans to Support Healthcare New Hires
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