Case Study: CPG, Retail & eCommerce

A consumer packaged goods (CPG) and eCommerce brand was looking to increase both their in-store sales as well as their eCommerce revenue. As part of a crowded advertising and competitive space, this client needed to stand out. After several attempts at paid digital media utilizing 3rd party cookies and millions of impressions served without much lift, the brand stakeholders were growing frustrated. They were looking for a way to reach new potential customers in ways they hadn’t before while showcasing true engagement with ad creative.

Advertising Goals:

  • Increase In-Store retail foot traffic
  • Increase Online Sales
  • Raise awareness for the brand amongst new potential customers

Manicz Media Approach:

To achieve these goals, Manicz media utilized On-Demand Targeting and Location Targeting to reach each desired audience.

Additionally, geofencing was utilized to serve would-be customers as they are within the vicinity of retail locations carrying the client products.

Case Study: CPG, Retail & eCommerce

Campaign Results:

Advertising through Manicz Media and our On-Demand targeting method saw a marked lift in website traffic that hadn’t been seen in over a year, recovering from historic lows for the brand. Total revenue (both in store and online) was at its highest levels and continued driving revenue throughout the entire paid media engagement with Manicz Media.

Case Study: CPG, Retail & eCommerce

Additionally, the CPG client was able to showcase an overall more engaged audience through increased session duration and lower bounce rates stemming from the Manicz Media campaign compared to any other paid media source previously. Targeting campaigns to consumers that are actively researching for their products and competitor products provides much better results compared to more common 3rd party aggregator sources where unreliable interest and demographic data is sourced. These 3rd party sources are often irrelevant and outdated since users switch devices, delete cookies and have their IP address change when on mobile. On-Demand Targeting through Manicz Media captures users when they are researching and most likely to convert.

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