Paid media campaign accounted for over 50% increase in bookings, revenue, and web traffic from the previous month’s low.

A luxury tropical resort located in the South Pacific was looking for ways to reach its desired audiences in the United States to increase bookings and revenue after pandemic lows. Manicz Media was tasked with curating specific audience segments in key markets and deliver ad messaging to increase engagement.

Advertising Goals:

Reach wealthy audiences and raise their consideration of the luxury resort.
Drive web traffic, availability checks, bookings and revenue.

Manicz Media Approach:

To achieve these goals, Manicz Media utilized its data management platform and audience segments to develop audience targeting to include wealthy families with income exceeding $300k+ and a separate segment with income exceeding $1 million+. These audience segments were then layered on top of display and native advertising channels. Retargeting of users who clicked on ad messaging was implemented in order to deliver unique outreach and bring the audiences through a messaging journey.

Two messaging creatives were utilized in order to promote two unique resort stay experiences. Villas and “over water” suites that each attract specific types of individuals and provide different views of the resort property. The ad messaging was A/B tested and optimized towards engagement.

Campaign Results:

From a media performance standpoint, the display and native ad campaign performed very well and engaged audiences well above industry benchmarks. 1,145,508 ad impressions were served, 2,147 ad clicks, and an average click through rate of 0.19%.

Web traffic, availability checks, bookings and revenue all increased in correlation with the Manicz Media ad campaign.

Web traffic, availability checks, bookings and revenue all increased in correlation with the Manicz Media ad campaign.

While the resort property utilizes a number of ongoing marketing and digital media campaigns throughout the year, it wasn’t until the Manicz Media activation in January that there was a clear uptick in web traffic, availability checks, bookings, and revenue. All metrics indicated that Manicz Media reached a relevant and engaged audience that was highly interested in the resort along with a propensity to book and travel.

This campaign tested wealthy audiences targeting in just two markets within the United States. The resort is expanding the market sets and including pre-roll videos in future Manicz Media campaigns.

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