Case Study: Geofencing of NBA Games to Promote Event Visitation
  • 1,156,408 Ad Impressions Served to NBA Game Audiences in Regional Stadiums
  • Paid Media accounted for 52 Conversions (Visitor Arrivals) at Promoted Event
  • Estimated Return on Ad Spend of 566%

The destination marketing organization and host of the 2022 NBA All-Star game was looking to deliver ad messaging to audiences attending NBA games in Midwest and Northeast stadiums to promote visitation and attendance of the NBA All-Star Game weekend events. Manicz Media leveraged its geofencing and geohistorical targeting solutions to reach relevant audience members at NBA games and promote the event.

Advertising Goals:

  • Raise awareness of the NBA All-Star game events.
  • Drive attendance and visitation of the All-star game and host destination

Manicz Media Approach:

To achieve these goals, Manicz Media utilized geofencing and geohistorical audience targeting. This includes capturing audiences who attended specific NBA games at regional stadiums that would most likely make a drive or flight to attend the NBA All-Star game. Leveraging device location along with designated audience data (income levels, propensity to travel, interest in NBA events, etc.), Manicz Media served out instream pre-roll video ad placements and display advertising.

Campaign Results:

From a media performance standpoint, the geofencing and geohistorical ad campaign performed very well and engaged audiences well above industry benchmarks. 1,156,408 ad impressions were served, 1,365 ad clicks, 181,754 Completed Video Views, and an average click through rate of 0.12%.

Visitor tracking and analytics accounted for 52 visitors to the NBA All-Star game and weekend events. These are users who had directly interacted with Manicz Media ad messaging then booked a trip to attend the event. Based on ticket prices and packages for the weekend-wide event, the estimated return on ad spend is 566%. Visitor tracking is never an exact science as many users disable location services on their devices, clear their cache, utilize new/different devices and many other variables.

Geofencing is a unique targeting approach that can be a powerful way to reach desired audiences and encourage further engagement. Location data and geohistorical data remain a powerful tool for digital advertising and will continue to be a viable option even if/when cookies are made obsolete.

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