• 968 Total Conversions Including:
  • 171 Enrollment Applications and 171 Contact Us Entries.
  • Multichannel campaign included Search Focused Targeting, Snapchat, Targeted Display, Database Targeting and Video Advertising.

A college in the State University of New York (SUNY) system was looking to leverage a robust digital advertising strategy to raise awareness for the school’s educational offerings across New York State and select counties in Pennsylvania. Manicz Media recommended a variety of advertising channels to reach prospective students with a variety of messaging and multiple touchpoints across programmatic, paid social and online video mediums.

Advertising Goals:

  • Drive online enrollment applications.
  • Geofence regional hospitals to raise awareness for Registered Nursing Programs
  • Encourage prospective students to visit the college website and explore the programs and majors offered.
  • A/B test creative messaging and locational targeting performance.
Instream Pre-roll Video, Search Focused Ad Targeting, and Targeted General Display drove the most conversions of the programmatic tactics.

Instream Pre-roll Video, Search Focused Ad Targeting, and Targeted General Display drove the most conversions of the programmatic tactics.

Manicz Media Approach:

To achieve these goals, Manicz Media utilized a variety of advertising solutions including Paid Snapchat, Facebook, Programmatic Geofencing, targeted display, online pre-roll video, Search Focused Ad Targeting, and website retargeting. Additionally, a small database of students who had previously enrolled in prior semesters was utilized for CRM targeting.

Manicz Media utilized conversion tracking to facilitate transparency and true paid media success across tactics. Conversion tracking provided in-depth performance that went beyond impressons, clicks and click through rate.

Campaign Results:

From a media performance standpoint, the two month campaign delivered 5,060,131 ad impressions and 11,332 clicks (0.22% CTR).

Conversions from Programmatic Tactics

Conversions from Programmatic Tactics

Conversion tracking showed 171 enrollment application starts, 171 “contact us” form completions, 223 views of college scholarship info pages, and 242 tuition costs views. Snapchat drove the most conversions overall with 388, followed by online pre-roll video which drove 261 conversions. Search Focused Ad Targeting delivered 116 total conversions.

The comprehensive media campaign fulfilled all goals that the SUNY college had set out to achieve. Delivering ad messaging to relevant audiences in key markets, driving significant web traffic to the site and ultimately providing strong conversions and lower cost per acquisition compared to paid media campaigns with other digital partners.

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