Case Study: Museum Advertising And Foot Traffic Attribution
  • 2,215 Visitors to the Museum Were Attributed from the Paid Media Campaign
  • 218% Return on Ad Spend
  • Powerful Insights Learned Included Time of Day Most Visited and Visitor Demographics

A natural and cultural history museum located in Florida was looking for new, more effective, ways to promote the museum to families and other enthusiasts within close proximity to their location and encourage visitation.

Advertising Goals:

  • Raise Awareness for the Museum
  • Monitor and increase visitation through paid advertising
  • Increase web traffic

Manicz Media Approach:

To achieve these goals, Manicz Media utilized owned database of subscribers to build out custom segments for paid media targeting. Utilizing a 30 mile radius around the museum, Manicz Media polled its database for parents, interest in museums and interest in science and learning. The following is the reach for each segment:

Parents with Children (ages 0-12) Interest in Museums Interest in Science and Learning
91,865 108,548 153,867

Leveraging this reach, a display and retargeting media approach was implemented. Additionally, utilizing the Manicz Media data management platform and location tracking technology, the ad messaging was tagged to monitor actual arrivals to the museum after an individual was served an ad.

Campaign Results:

From a media performance standpoint, over 3.1 million ad impressions were served during this 3 month campaign. There were 7,697 new website visitors to the campaign landing pages. The Parents with young children segment performed the best, driving the highest visitor foot traffic with over a 3% attribution rate. Interest in Museums and Interest in Science segments delivered the most ad engagement, with click through rates of 0.35% and 0.24% respectively. These CTR%s are much higher than the industry average which is typically 0.1% or below.

With the visitor foot traffic attribution in place, Manicz Media drove 2,215 visitors to the museum! Overall attribution rate for the paid media campaign was 2.75% Based on average ticket pricing and promotions, this campaign generated over a 218% return on ad spend!

Additionally, through location tracking and mobile ID monitoring, Manicz Media was able to provide audience insights including demographics, income levels and visitation info for ALL visitors to the museum, independent of the paid media program.


The Museum continues to partner with Manicz Media for awareness and promotional campaigns.

Contact Manicz Media today to learn more about our unique audience targeting methods and engagement focused campaigns.

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