Case Study: Programmatic Social & Search Focused Targeting to Promote Test Prep Solutions
  • Utilization of Ad Units as an Alternative to Paid Social and Paid Search
  • Over 1,700,000 Impressions Served and 3,631 clicks
  • Generated Highest Interest and Web Traffic Compared to All Other Paid Sources

A Bar Exam review and test prep academy was looking to reach Year 2 and Year 3 law school students who would have an interest in study tools and resources to prepare for the Bar Exam. The client was looking for unique advertising solutions to better engage this audience and drive interest in their products and offerings. Manicz Media crafted a custom plan that included two unique ad units and robust targeting to ensure only the most relevant audiences would be served ad messaging.

Advertising Goals:

  • Raise awareness of Bar Exam preparation offerings
  • Drive relevant web traffic and post-click engagement

Manicz Media Approach:

To achieve these goals, Manicz Media utilized Programmatic Social Ads and Search Focused Ad Targeting.

The “Social-Like” ad units were custom built utilizing provided images, logo, copy, and backgrounds. They have a rotating carrousel style that looks and interacts similarly to a Facebook post. These placements were served on relevant education, legal review, and test preparation sites and content.

The Search Focused Targeting relied on keywords, phrases, and contextually relevant site inventory to create an audience persona for more effective ad serving. By leveraging the top performing keywords utilized in traditional Paid Search, the Search Focused Ad Targeting served display ad messaging to users who had performed searches for Bar Prep, study materials, Bar Exam assistance, and other relevant research. This allowed for the development of audience targeting segments that were highly engaged and relevant to the promoted product.

Campaign Results:

From a media performance standpoint, the ad campaign performed very well and engaged audiences well above industry benchmarks. 1,700,055 ad impressions were served, 3,631 ad clicks, and an average click through rate of 0.21%.

Search Focused Ad Targeting Performance

Search Focused Ad Targeting Performance

Programmatic Social Ad Performance

Programmatic Social Ad Performance


Campaign performance was tracked through the client’s Google Analytics as well. Manicz Media campaigns generated the most web traffic of any paid media source including traditional display, YouTube, Paid Search, and Paid Facebook advertising. The Bar Prep solutions sold and classes booked outpaced all previous months since the release of the service.

When looking for unique ways to reach desired audiences, Manicz Media combines its robust audience databases and custom targeting solutions with unique styled ad units to help cut through the white noise and clutter of the crowded digital advertising ecosystem. Reaching the most relevant audiences with ad messaging that better engages them will always lead to a more successful campaign.

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