CCPA Advertising Compliance

What is CCPA and How to Ensure Your Advertising Campaigns Are Compliant

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a piece of consumer privacy legislation which passed into California law in 2018. The bill has been described by some as the closest thing to GDPR within the United States. This Act is the strongest privacy legislation enacted in any state at the moment (2019), giving more power to consumers and their private data.

This law affects companies that do business in California, regardless of where they are located, and must comply with the law if they exceed one of the following thresholds:

have annual gross revenues in excess of $25 million

buy, sell, or receive or share for commercial purposes personal information gathered from 50,000 or more consumers, households, or devices

derive 50% or more of its annual revenues from “selling” consumers’ personal information

This is a ground breaking shift in policy that will affect advertising for most businesses in the United States and especially organizations with customers in the state of California. Manicz Media is ahead of the curve and has enacted ad programs and strategies that not only comply with CCPA but actually use these new regulations as a way to empower businesses and advertisers to make better use of digital advertising.

​A business that unintentionally violates the law faces a maximum civil penalty of $2,500 per violation! A business that intentionally violates the law faces a maximum civil penalty of $7,500 per violation!

On Demand Targeting

How are Manicz Media digital advertising campaigns CCPA Compliant?

  • Organized Data Collection: The bill allows consumers to request the specific information collected about them. These requests are to be provided at no cost to the consumer. Manicz Media has the ability to quickly search, compile and send these reports to consumers.
  • Clear, Transparent Policies: Consumers can request a report on the types of data collected, data sources, collection methods, and uses for their data. Manicz Media complies with any data requests additionally we store ZERO consumer data and no 3rd party audience data is utilized in our advertising campaigns.
  • Finally, we ensure all individuals who handle consumer data know and understand all pertinent regulations.

Contact us today to learn about our On-Demand Targeting solution and our ability to serve digital advertising to consumers while compiling with today’s most stringent regulations and data safety rules. Additionally, Manicz Media offers Marketing & Advertising Audits to determine full data safety regulation compliance and that all marketing initiatives are within industry best practices.

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