Digital ad campaigns for Higher Education programs are usually viewed as a success by the number of online enrollment applications tracked on the university or colleges’ website and attributed back to the ad campaign. These online applications typically feed to the enrollment or admissions department and then enter a black hole where the marketing team has difficulty knowing how many leads actually turned into enrolled students.

Online conversions tend to be the main metric of success for digital advertising campaigns even though there are usually limited insights into student application acceptance, decreasing website conversion rates, 1st touch vs. last touch media attribution and even student hesitancy to complete online applications or contact forms. Manicz Media, a leader in data safe audience targeting and campaign analytics has developed a reporting solution to help showcase return on ad spend and the overall impact of digital advertising.

Digital Advertising & On-Campus Student Attribution

When digital ad campaigns are served to desired students and audiences, certain information on devices and mobile ad IDs are acquired. This device information is utilized for locational targeting and audience persona insights while protecting the privacy of the user and limiting personally identifiable information (PII). Manicz Media can utilize the device information and provide insights on students that have been served digital advertising and then arrive on campus the following semester.

Below is a heat map and student attribution report from Central Florida University. Manicz Media tracks student arrivals at dormitories, the Student Union, and major academic buildings around campus. The red areas represent students who have arrived on the campus in the Spring after having been served digital advertising the previous Fall. While online applications conversion metrics are strong, there were nearly 3x as many on-campus students attributed back to the advertising campaign!

Digital Advertising & On-Campus Student Attribution

When online enrollment applications are a major component and success metric of digital advertising campaigns, it makes utilization of higher funnel media solutions less of a priority. Through the Manicz Media platform, multiple ad channels and mediums can be utilized and the on-campus student attribution is still monitored. ConnectedTV and Streaming Audio (Spotify, Pandora, etc.) are two channels where students spend a significant amount of time consuming media. Neither channel drives direct online conversions but with Manicz Media both platforms can be utilized and on-campus student attribution can be measured.

Manicz Media crafts custom ad campaigns targeting prospective students for general enrollment, transfer students, and graduate programs. Each campaign is designed to maximize budget efficiencies and drive results. On-Campus Student Attribution is included with media campaigns that run for 3 months or longer and attribution reporting is provided 3 months and 6 months post campaign to showcase actual student enrollment impact.

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