Digital Media Partnership FAQs

Digital Media Partnership FAQs2024-06-14T18:28:33-04:00

Manicz Media partners with Ad Agencies, media buying teams, and direct advertisers across the United States to help make digital advertising simple and efficient. Advertisers are often looking for digital innovation, streamlined process, custom reporting and turn-key programs, all of which Manicz Media offers. Before partnering with any new vendors, there are often numerous common questions clients and media buyers have to ensure Manicz will be a fit for their digital advertising needs.

Company Name and Locations2024-06-14T17:52:07-04:00

Manicz Media, LLC

Offices in Georgia and Indiana, USA

Are there any specific industries you service? And do you specialize in B2B or B2C?2024-06-14T17:52:46-04:00

We service both B2B and B2C industries and leverage our 1st party audience data and unique segmentation to validate campaign targeting. We have clients in a wide variety of industries including automotive, higher education, energy, healthcare, tourism, recruitment, government, and more.

How long have you been in business? Were you ever acquired, re-branded, etc?2024-06-14T17:53:12-04:00

Manicz Media was formed in 2015. We have never been acquired or re-branded. Manicz Media is a woman owned company located within a designated HUB zone.


What is your elevator pitch?2024-06-14T17:53:31-04:00

Manicz Media has built an advertising platform that allows for in-depth audience targeting through a custom segmented 1st party audience database. This data is not modeled from cookies or trackers but rather from consumer polling that makes for better targeted digital advertising campaigns across a comprehensive list of media solutions.


What are your unique capabilities?2024-06-14T17:55:32-04:00

Manicz Media is a digital media and advertising company with our own 1st party audience data and unique audience segmentation that fuels our DSP platform. Leveraging our data sets we can deliver ad campaigns that do not rely on 3rd party cookies and trackers while ensuring we reach the right audiences based on opt-in consumer profiles, search history, contextual content consumed and custom intent.

A multichannel, cross device, approach is recommended to drive awareness, consideration and ultimately conversions. This can be done through sequential targeting where a user is served a sequence of ad messages that take them through a messaging journey. The sequence can include Connected TV, Pre-roll video, display, native and email. Display and native solutions when paired with a multitouch retargeting strategy tend to drive the most conversions. A variety of ad units, video lengths and ad sizes are recommended for A/B/N testing.

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What is your advertising technology solution?2024-06-14T17:55:56-04:00

We are a Demand Side Platform (DSP) with our own 1st party data integrations for cookie free advertising. Additionally, our system is integrated with over 40 data providers that can be leveraged to supplement ad campaigns.


What tactics can you implement?2024-06-14T17:56:15-04:00

We offer display, pre-roll video, native, streaming audio and Connected TV/OTT placements. All of our campaigns include access to our unique datasets and audience segmentation.


Do you have direct access to inventory?2024-06-14T17:56:36-04:00

We have direct access to inventory and manage all buys in-house through our platform. Example site lists are available to share. We offer a breakdown of the top performing sites and domains post campaign wrap up.

What ad exchanges do you have access to?2024-06-14T17:56:55-04:00

Ad Exchanges: Google AdExchange, Rubicon, OpenX, ONE by AOL Mobile Marketplace, Yahoo Ad Exchange, Brightroll Exchange Video, Microsoft Advertising Exchange, and more.

Where does your 1st And 3rd party data come from?2024-06-14T17:58:56-04:00

1st Party Data: The main database is built through internal lead generation campaigns consisting of co-registration programs that allow consumers and users to opt-in to our data network. Once a contact opts-in, they are contacted via the Manicz Media data team to complete an online survey or participate in a brief phone interview. Through these polling methods, numerous data points are obtained including job title, interests, purchase intent and more. These data segments can be custom tailored to the needs of Manicz Media advertising clients in an effort to maximize effectiveness, engagement and interest.

In addition to this consumer polling, Manicz Media can build audience models based on search history, online research, custom intent and contextual content consumed. These audience segments are non-personally identifiable information and contain no direct data on a user’s name, address, or other information that would be considered sensitive. We call this approach “On-Demand” targeting as we are able to compile numerous data points to predict consumer needs and interests.

3rd Party Data: In addition to our owned database we also have integrations with over 40 3rd party data providers including Factual, Cuebiq, Experian, Oracle, Adobe, Google, Lotame and more.

Digital Media Partnership FAQ
Digital Media Partnership FAQ
Do you offer creative development?2024-06-14T17:59:21-04:00

Creative development is available for display, native, and streaming audio placements. Streaming audio campaigns include script development and professional voice over.

Managed service, self-serve, or hybrid?2024-06-14T17:59:41-04:00

100% managed service.


What brand safety measurements are in place?2024-06-14T18:01:21-04:00