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Email advertising and marketing programs remain one of the most effective ways to reach new and existing users online. Email is a direct, 1-to-1 experience and allows for multiple ways for a message to be told and engaged with. Many of our clients utilize our email advertising solution to reach their desired audience through another media channel and leverage the power of our “On-Demand” targeting to target ideal users who open and engage with the email messaging.

  • Segment and refine customer data to send resonating messages to customers about their specific vehicle needs.
  • Analyze previous results and customer data to create the perfect message for each customer segment.
  • Create a follow-up plan for customer segments, determining the best offers and frequency to get the highest response.
  • Create multiple email templates and creative designs to evolve messaging promotion and develop a cadence system.
  • Retarget consumers who open and engage with the email messaging to serve them banners, video, native and more.

Advertising Goals Achieved with Email Advertising:

  • Reach specific audiences within dealership footprint
  • Target prospective customers based on the vehicles, competitors and price range they are most interested in
  • Easily share multiple promotions and offers within the same email creative template
  • Encourage immediate conversions including appointment setting and more info requests

Manicz Media Approach:

Utilizing our “On-Demand” targeting platform, dealerships and automotive groups can reach interested potential clients directly in their email in-box. Campaign reporting includes emails served, email opens, open rate, clicks and click through rate. Campaigns are billed on a Cost Per Open basis meaning only emails that are received and actually opened by the target audience are counted towards advertising reach goal.

Manicz Media clients often combine email advertising with banner and video placements to reach targeted consumers cross device. This allows for a multi-touch approach that reaches targeted consumers with a variety of messaging and increased frequency of touch points.

Targeting Options:

Utilizing our “On-Demand” audience targeting platform allows emails to be targeted in a variety of ways to ensure only the most relevant and likely to convert customers are served your message. This cuts down on wasted ad spend and allows Manicz Media to drive maximum engagement. Target options within “On-Demand” include:

Keyword and Search Targeting

  • Reach audiences based on the vehicles they are searching for and researching online. This includes YouTube video reviews, consumer reports and more.
  • Customers often compare multiple makes and models. These can be incorporated in the targeting (i.e. Accord, Corolla, and Elantra).

Custom Intent

  • Leverage websites visited and content consumed to develop audience targeting profiles. When a prospective customer visits,,,, and more Manicz Media and compile the types of vehicles viewed and price range. This data can then be leveraged to serve email messaging to these same audiences.

Campaign Results:

Manicz Media works with many dealerships and automotive groups to serve advertising to relevant audiences and then report back on performance to help develop insights for future advertising programs. Below are a breakout of recent automotive email ad campaigns and performance measured.

Advertiser Emails Served Emails Open Rate
Massachusetts Toyota Dealer 23,677 20.40%
Georgia Mini Cooper Dealer 18,324 19.22%
Minnesota Tier 2 Auto Group 28,792 22.78%
Texas RV Dealer 33,987 34.55%

Each of these advertisers combined email advertising along with banner advertising and retargeting email opens. The banner ads drove significant web engagement for each advertiser

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Manicz Media respects the data and privacy for all our clients. No client identifiable data can be shared but references are available upon request.

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