Future Proof Ad Campaigns and Prevent Wasted Ad Spend

Many advertisers are facing a dilemma at the moment about whether they should be advertising in this current health crisis and economic climate. Obviously, we all know, and studies show, that brands that continue to advertise and market during an economic downturn are more likely to thrive once things return to normal. Manicz Media and our On-Demand data platform is “future proofing” ad campaigns and outreach not only in the wake of Covid-19 but also with CCPA, GDPR and blocking of 3rd party cookies and trackers.

Our data and advertising platform allows an advertiser to reach desired consumers mid-funnel to bottom-funnel in their consideration and decision making process. By combining search history, custom intent, contextual content consumed, and more, audience segments are built and leveraged for digital advertising.

Keyword and Search Targeting

Reach audiences based on their previous search history and online research. Utilize specific keywords, phrases and terminology to serve banners, video and other ad creative to online users that are already trying to fulfill their specific needs.

Custom Intent

Leverage websites visited and content consumed to develop audience targeting profiles. When a prospective customer visits specific, relevant, sites and consumes content in line with the advertiser’s message, Manicz Media can compile this data and serve already engaged audiences the most relevant ad messaging. This data can then be leveraged to serve email, display, video and native messaging to these same audiences for a multi-channel approach.

CRM Targeting & Customer Matching

If an advertiser has an established database of customers and contacts, Manicz Media can leverage that 1st party data to serve out ad messaging. Reach previously contacted customers with advertising to encourage engagement. Additionally, Customer Match or look-a-like audiences can be built from existing customer profiles to profile the ideal customer criteria and develop new audience targeting that is already the best fit and most likely to engage.


Geofencing & Geohistorical Targeting

Geographically targeting digital advertising campaigns is a common occurrence in the advertising world yet still a powerful tool for marketers. In addition to location based geofencing, down to 25 feet, Manicz Media is also capable of Geohistorical Targeting where specific users and audiences can be reached based on their previous location over the last 3, 6, or 12 months. This allows for outreach to audiences who are confirmed to have visited specific events, locations, competitors and more.

Define Ideal Audiences

Utilizing the Manicz Media Data Management Platform (DMP) audience personas can be developed based on the engagement data and audience segmentation of a media campaign. These personas are developed directly from the advertising campaign results and allow brands and businesses to see who their ideal customer really is and even develop look-a-likes based around purchase behavior and online activity.

Future Proof Ad Campaigns and Prevent Wasted Ad Spend

With all of these advanced targeting solutions and audience segmentation capabilities, there is little room for wasted ad spend. Digital media campaigns are targeted and optimized towards the most relevant audience groups possible without the need for 3rd party data aggregators and unreliable demographic information. Ad campaigns are reaching consumers right when they are in-market for an advertiser’s solutions and services.

Contact Manicz Media today to strategize a media campaign that doesn’t require expensive and unreliable 3rd party data and can still effectively reach consumers and drive results.

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