HULU & Discovery Connected TV Inventory and Targeting

Advertising on HULU & Discovery Inc.

Serve video ad messaging across some of the most premium ad inventory in the ConnectedTV space along with unique 1st party audience targeting data.

  • Premium Inventory
  • Accurate User Data
  • Better Media Rates
  • Robust Reporting including completed view rates, top channels, top content, audience engagement persona analysis & more

Access to Premium CTV Apps

Award-winning originals, current seasons of popular shows and content, and blockbuster films. All in a premium, brand safe environment through the HULU streaming platform. Through programmatic access to HULU content and inventory allows advertisers to combine the best of premium content with unique audience targeting and 1st party data sets.

Audience Targeting & Data

Leveraging Manicz Media’s 1st party audience data segmentation allows advertisers to serve their ad messaging on premium television and film content to their desired audiences when they are most likely to engage. Utilizing “On-Demand Targeting” along with CTV placements allows advertisers to reach audience segments that are actively interested in the brand, products, or services and ready to engage further beyond their living room TV.

Contact Manicz Media today to learn more about CTV/OTT and how we can deliver ad messaging to your specific desired audience when they are most likely to engage.

HULU & Discovery Connected TV Inventory and Targeting

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