Infographic: Podcasts, Connected TV, and Streaming Audio Advertising Evolution

Since 2020: More than 80% of US households have at least one streaming subscription. Most have multiple across Podcasts, Connected TV, and Streaming Audio.

These channels have evolved significantly in recent months. Now is the best time to test advertising programs and reach engaged audiences.

Podcast Advertising


  • Only small subsets of audiences were listening to podcast programming or even knew what podcasts were.
  • Advertising originated as native ads read by the hosts and did not allow for creatively produced ad messaging.
  • No geographic or audience targeting is available.
  • Could only hope for ad relevance by choosing matching content and shows.
  • Limited listener engagement beyond custom read URLs or coupon codes.


  • Podcast programming has become highly popular across all age groups and interest segments.
  • Thousands of podcast shows and content are available for advertising placements and can be sorted by category and focus.
  • Custom produced audio spots can be served to specific audiences, locations and podcast content. These can include professional voice over, music and custom calls to action. Multiple ad spots can be utilized for A/B message testing.
  • Can combine with companion ad units including display and video advertisements to drive audience engagement, web traffic, and conversions.
    podcasts generate around four times better brand recall than scroll, pop-up and static ads
  • Compared to traditional advertising, 10% more listeners are likely to buy after exposure to podcast ads
  • 80% of listeners can recall a brand advertised in a podcast
  • 67% of listeners can recall specific product features or promotions
  • 51% of listeners are somewhat or much more likely to buy from brands that advertise via podcasts

Connected TV


  • Advertising on Connected TV only reached a small subset of the available audiences in any given market or DMA.
  • Advertising required high minimum spends and direct buys with Hulu and other providers.
  • Limited to no reporting.


  • Connected TV has become one of the largest consumer content mediums, surpassing broadcast television.
  • Advertising on Connected TV is easier and more affordable than ever. New streaming channels and publisher networks are continuously emerging and consumers are attracted to more affordable ad supported subscription services.
  • Can combine with Sequential Targeting to serve display, native, and pre-roll advertising to audiences for cross device and cross channel advertising.
  • Reporting includes top programs consumed, watch duration, user engagement and can include foot traffic attribution when desired.
  • Nearly all Americans aged 25-34 access TV content through the internet
  • 90% of young people prefer this method
  • Connected TV Continues to grow as more households “cut the cord” and cancel cable or satellite service.
  • Provides brand authenticity as ad messaging

Streaming Audio


  • A growing medium but fractured audiences across Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud and other listening platforms all with their own direct advertising suite of services.
  • Lackluster user experiences for listeners where advertisements were seen as bothersome.


  • Reach desired audiences across all major platforms and publishers
  • More listeners opting for ad supported, “freemium”, subscriptions to cut down on costs
  • Better targeting to reach audiences including interests, demographics, intent and more
  • Can combine with Sequential Targeting to serve display, native, and pre-roll advertising to audiences for cross device and cross channel advertising.
  • 83 percent of 16-24 year-olds and 75 percent of 25-34 year-olds taking advantage of audio streaming
  • Over 60% of listeners say audio ads help them discover new brands and products.

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