IP Tracking, Influenced Traffic, and Audience Analytics

A cookieless and future-proof way to more effectively achieve digital advertising results.

IP Based Tracking & Analytics

With cookies and third-party tracking being sunset by major platforms, Manicz Media produced a powerful attribution technology that utilizes the user’s IP Address to track actions driven by paid media campaigns. Attribute online actions (browsing a page, loading the shopping cart, purchases, etc.) to digital media campaigns including CTV, Streaming Audio and podcast advertising.

Typically, pixels are based on third-party cookies creating limitations for attribution in cookieless environments such as CTV and Streaming Audio, not to mention the cookie being retired across all platforms in coming years. Manicz Media’s IP Conversion Pixels are a proprietary attribution solution that utilizes the user’s IP Address to track actions driven by your campaigns. COOKIE FREE

Influenced Traffic

Many, if not most, users when served a digital ad whether it is display, video, Connected TV, or social media, rarely click or interact with the direct messaging but instead will perform a Google Search or manually enter the advertiser’s website URL directly. Utilizing IP tracking allows for the ability to monitor users who had been served a Manicz Media digital ad placement and then made it to the advertiser’s website even if they did not click on the ad itself.

This “influenced traffic” is a way for marketers to see the performance of their paid media campaign beyond direct ad clicks. Influenced traffic is often two or three times higher than direct ad clicks and usually is done by the most engaged audiences who are actively interested in the promoted products or services.

Influenced web traffic can be many time higher than direct ad clicks.

Influenced web traffic can be many time higher than direct ad clicks.

In addition to web traffic, Manicz Media can measure conversions including requests for information, button clicks, and measure product sales using IP tracking pixels to showcase conversions that were influenced by paid media campaigns.

Audience Research and Analytics

Utilization of the IP tracking pixel allows for audience insights and information not typically available. Utilizing a proprietary cookieless identity solution designed by Manicz Media to enable advertisers to both better understand and better reach the users of highest potential value to their brands.

As privacy updates push advertisers into a cookieless world and the days of layering Third-Party Audience segments are ending, our audience research and analytics focuses on ad personalization through clever geo targeting, delivering privacy compliant audience insights and targeting strategies to maximize ROAS.

Post campaign reporting includes demographic information for media traffic and website visitors including location, age range, income levels, education levels, marital status, and more.

IP tracking is a future-proof way to continue to analyze audience performance and determine paid media effectiveness. As the digital ad tech industry evolves, advertisers looking for innovative ways to continue to effectively reach target audiences and drive performance must consider cookieless and IP focused tools to ensure campaigns remain effective.

Contact Manicz Media today and allow our team to build out a media plan that engages desired audiences and leverages IP tracking to more effectively deliver ad messaging and drive enhanced return on ad spend.

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