Is Podcast Advertising Effective?

Brands, marketers, and advertisers are finding new audiences and better ways to engage key audience segments with audio ads that are delivered during podcast programming.

Spending on podcast advertising in the US will rise from $758 million in 2020 to $2.4 billion by 2025 at a growth rate of 26%. Given that US spending on radio advertising was roughly $15 billion in 2019, podcast advertising has ample headroom to rise as listener time migrates from radio to podcasts.

Brands see an incremental lift (gain provided by advertising) when running podcast advertising as a part of their media mix. An increase in conversions from podcast advertising vs. doing nothing at all.


Share of Americans that are aware of podcasting


Share of Americans that have listened to an audio podcast in the past month


Average brand lift after running a podcast advertising campaign


Podcast listeners are 40% wealthier than the US general population

Incremental Lift measures the increase in conversions from podcast advertising vs. doing no advertising at all. For site advertiser website visitors, the average lift was 85% across industries. Seeing this level of engagement shows that podcasts are the perfect place to capitalize on consumer needs.

For Purchase Events, the average lift was 82% across industries Retail (Brick & Mortar and eCommerce), Telecom, and Arts, Entertainment, and Media drove the highest lift for purchase events.

Average lift for purchase events by indsutry, after running podcast ad placements.

Average lift for purchase events by indsutry, after running podcast ad placements.

Use Cases: Podcast advertising is an effective solution to reach desired audiences in a 1-to-1 environment where they are more highly engaged with the audio content. These audiences can be targeted not only from a demographic perspective but also on the types of content and shows they are listening to. Matching advertiser messaging to relevant podcast content is a highly effective way to drive brand recognition and brand authenticity.

Inventory and Content: Manicz Media has access to over 12,000 of the most popular podcast shows available. Ad campaigns can be served based on custom whitelists of shows and content as well as by category. Media campaign reports will include a list of the top shows and content where ads were served.

Audience Data Targeting: First and Third-Party Data segments are available including custom audience segments from the Manicz Database of consumers. This includes:

Contextual Targeting

Arts & Culture, Entertainment, News & Politics, Sports & Recreation, Family & Parenting

Demographic Targeting

Age, Gender, Household Income

Behavior Targeting

Lifelong Learners, News Junkies, Information Seekers, etc.

Geographic Targeting

City, Country, Region, Postal Code, Geofence/Geohistorical, Point of Interest

Few advertisers are running podcast placements alone. Typically a media mix will consist of social, search, ConnectedTV, mobile display, digital OOH, and podcasting. Consumers may have seen your message on one of these channels or many. Combining a multi-channel approach along with Manicz Media IP address tracking allows for better insights into how audiences interact with digital advertising.

Podcast advertising growth will continue to benefit from investments by digital media platforms in better podcast monetization and programmatic audio ad serving. The Manicz Media ad platform continues to evolve and provide more effective ways to reach desired audiences across a wide range of digital advertising channels.

Contact Manicz Media today to chat through podcast advertising and see how including these audio placements can benefit your brand.

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