Programmatic Social Display Advertising

Better Targeting and More Interactive Ad Experiences

Utilize Social Styled Dynamic ad units to boost posts and drive better engagement

Programmatic social display ads are unique ad units that take on the look and feel of social media posts similar to what is found on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms but served across the wider web including news, lifestyle, entertainment, sports and other premium and brand safe content.

These ad units help brands expand their current social media presence and offer alternatives to the same old paid social campaigns. Additionally, utilizing the Manicz Media data and audience platform allows for more robust ad targeting and more relevant messaging to desired audiences.

Better Engagement

Ad units replicate social media placements and take on the look and feel of social posts that most users are accustom to engaging with.

No Production Costs

The Manicz Media team utilizes content from existing client social posts or can utilize any provided imagery and copy.

Robust Targeting

No longer depedant on the social media walled gardens, target audiences across the broader web and leverage custom audience targeting and look alike targeting.

Advanced Reporting

Campaigns include custom reporting including live dashboard, foot traffic attribution & audience demographics.

Ad Inventory That Captures Attention