Podcast Advertising Placements

Podcasts are the fastest growing form of audio today, reaching over 100 million people in the United States every month and Manicz Media allows advertisers to reach the most premium inventory for ad placements in this rapidly expanding medium. The Manicz Media programmatic platform has over 150 million monthly listeners and contains over 10,000 different podcasting programs broken out by popular categories including entertainment, comedy, talk, sports, health & fitness and more.

Podcast advertising through Manicz Media is unique in that ad campaigns run based on the number of impressions served as opposed to downloads or sponsorships which lack in scale and measurement! Additionally, this allows advertisers to retarget Podcast listeners with display and video messaging that would not be possible through other platforms.

Use Cases: Podcast advertising is an effective solution to reach desired audiences in a 1-to-1 environment where they are more highly engaged with the audio content. These audiences can be targeted not only from a demographic perspective but also on the types of content and shows they are listening to. Matching advertiser messaging to relevant podcast content is a highly effective way to drive brand recognition and brand authenticity.

Inventory and Content: Manicz Media has access to over 10,000 of the most popular podcast shows available. Ad campaigns can be served based on custom whitelists of shows and content as well as by category. Media campaign reports will include a list of all shows and content where ads were served.

Audience Data Targeting:

First and Third-Party Data segments are available including custom audience segments from the Manicz Database of consumers. This includes:

Contextual Targeting

  • Arts & Culture
  • Entertainment
  • News & Politics
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Family & Parenting

Demographic Targeting

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Household Income

Behavior Targeting

  • Lifelong Learners
  • News Junkies
  • Information Seekers
  • etc.

Geographic Targeting

  • City
  • Country
  • Region
  • Postal Code
  • Geofence/Geohistorical
  • Point of Interest

Why Manicz Media?

Podcast Advertising Placements
Our podcast supply was built to provide a scalable and addressable programmatic solution for podcasting. Manicz Media allows for dynamic ad insertion to take advertising on podcasts beyond direct buys with individual shows and producers to allow for a more scalable and transparent advertising experience.

Additionally, podcast advertising can be combined with display, video, and even ConnectedTV media campaigns to retarget podcast listeners and serve ad messaging cross-device to enhance overall audience engagement.

Creative Specs

File Formats Accepted Dimensions Length Bitrate Max File Size Max Frame rate Impression Tracker Accepted? Click Tracker 3rd Party Serving Allowed? Manicz Media Creative Development Available?
Audio (Pre/Mid/Post)
MP3, .MP4, .AAC, .WAV, .OGG N/A :15 & :30 (:60 per request) 196k mbs 2MB N/A Yes No Yes, VAST & DAAST Yes (5 day lead time)
Display Banners
JPEG, GIF, STATIC, PNG 300×250 N/A N/A 150k 24 fps Yes Yes Yes Yes (5 day lead time)
JPEG, GIF, STATIC, PNG 300×50 N/A N/A 50k 24 fps Yes Yes Yes Yes (5 day lead time)
JPEG, GIF, STATIC, PNG 320×50 N/A N/A 50k 24 fps Yes Yes Yes Yes (5 day lead time)

Contact Manicz Media today to see a full list of all available podcast content and to strategize a podcast advertising campaign.

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