Paid search continues to be one of the most effective ways to drive conversions and web traffic for most brands and advertisers. It’s a solution that serves ad messaging within the Search Results Page of Google, Bing, and other search engines. While this ad tactic performs well, there are certain obstacles that can lead to drops in performance including low brand awareness, competitor keyword conquesting, high costs per engagement, and improper account setup. Manicz Media, through our audience data management platform and demand side platform provides a unique solution to leverage consumer searches to drive engagement.

“Search Focused Ad Targeting” available through Manicz Media allows for the utilization of keywords, phrases, and intent utilized in Paid Search but to serve more engaging and creative display ad placements to desired audiences and prospective customers. These placements help to circumvent the crowded paid search ecosystem and deliver relevant, visual, ad messaging that reaches audiences when they are in the consideration and intent phases of the awareness cycle.

Example of Contextually Relevant Ad Placement Utilizing Search and Keyword Targeting

Example of Contextually Relevant Ad Placement Utilizing Search and Keyword Targeting

No longer are there fluctuations in costs from competitors, quality scores, or time of year like commonly found in Paid Search campaigns. Utilize custom designed display ad units and High Impact placements to drive traffic to key landing pages and increase overall engagement. Search Focused Ad Targeting campaigns, on average, have higher click through rates compared to traditionally targeting display campaigns by serving ads to consumers who have active search histories relevant to the solutions and services promoted.

Search Focused Ad Targeting is comprised of three main targeting elements:

What consumers are actively researching or planning (In-Market)

Find customers who are researching products and are actively considering buying a service or product that fits their needs. These audiences are designed for advertisers focused on getting conversions from likely buyers. Manicz Media can reach people online based on what they’ve searched for on Google, Bing and other search engine providers.

Custom Intent

Custom Intent allows advertisers to define and reach the ideal audience for their business. Custom Intent audiences allow advertisers to go beyond pre-defined audience segments and reach people as they’re making a purchase decision. Manicz Media can apply keywords, URLs, apps, or YouTube content to the ad campaign to reach an online audience that’s actively researching a related product or service. If possible, it’s a good idea (but not essential) to set up conversion tracking in Google Analytics before the start of a campaign.

Contextual Targeting

Manicz Media creates keyword and topic lists to scan websites with available ad inventory and identify similar content. This allows us to serve ads on relevant publisher websites and be in front of users who are consuming that relevant content. For example, the desired keywords are (Honda, Toyota, new car, used car, car lease, and more). Manicz Media will place ad creative on websites and content related to cars sales including,,, and more.

Search Focused Ad Targeting is often used as a supplement to Paid Search, especially when costs become too high due to limitations in the Google ecosystems. Keywords and phrases can be utilized from current or past paid search campaigns or recommended by the Manicz Media ad strategy team.

Utilizing the Manicz Media Demand Side Platform and analytics suite, reporting includes media performance including CTR% and conversions reported down to the creative level. Additionally, Manicz Media can provide foot traffic attribution and audience visitation data to showcase how Search Focused Ad Targeting impacted consumer behavior and in-person visits.

Contact Manicz Media today and allow our team to build out a media plan that engages desired audiences and leverages search and contextual targeting to more effectively deliver ad messaging and drive enhanced return on ad spend.


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