Streaming Audio Advertising


Manicz Media Streaming Audio Advertising campaigns allow you to serve 15, 30, or 60 second audio advertisements across a variety of audio streaming services. These include the Spotify the Triton Digital Exchange (Pandora, IHeartRadio, Soundcloud and local streaming radio inventory. Audio delivers a high engagement rate with CTRs between 0.7% -0.9% and over 1% when combined with remarketing and digital video ad solutions.

Use Cases:

Streaming Audio ads are effective for creating brand awareness and driving traffic to sites. The non-skippable placements command attention, driving high visibility and brand awareness. The passive nature of the ads’ display allows for the user to listen and engage without breaking from their typical habits.

Success Metrics: Reach, Click Through Rate (CTR)

Placements: Audio ads will serve across radio station channels, Spotify, Pandora, IHeartRadio, and websites with audio advertising.

Audience Data Targeting: First and Third-Party Data segments are available including custom audience segments from the Manicz Database of consumers. Additionally, Manicz Media can leverage Cadence Messaging to funnel engaged audience segments from other media placements and serve streaming audio messaging.

Why Manicz Media?

Streaming audio ads can be purchased directly from the publishers themselves often with their intuitive self-serve platforms to accommodate ease of use. One of the biggest benefits of working with Manicz Media is our ability to serve streaming audio ads to desired audiences across a variety of platforms and reach listeners when they switch from Spotify to Pandora when they get to work or when they listen to their local stations at home. Additionally, Manicz Media can retarget these audiences with other digital media solutions including CTV/OTT, mobile display, pre-roll video and even email. This helps to drive engagement, reach and frequency with key target audiences.

Streaming Audio Advertising

Streaming radio and audio advertising is rapidly evolving as consumer media consumption habits change. Streaming audio is increasingly popular among all age ranges and demographics. Audio advertising reaches desired audiences to deliver unique ad messaging that engages, entices consumer actions, and provides unparalleled brand authenticity.

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