There is a major shift happening in the way digital advertising reaches consumers. Google, Apple, Mozilla and other digital media companies are all announcing the ways they will be evolving their data regulations and how audience data is utilized for digital advertising. This is on top of consumer sentiment towards how personal data is collected, sold and utilized is becoming increasingly negative. It is clear that in order for brands and businesses to continue reaching their desired audience they will need to adjust the ways that digital advertising is targeted and how they reach consumers.

Manicz Media is one of the first digital media companies to develop a digital advertising platform built to effectively utilize audience targeting and segmentation that does not require cookies, trackers and 3rd party data modeling. This allows our partners to still effectively reach their desired audiences, drive engagement, increase web traffic and at the same time respect consumer privacy. Here are the top 5 cookieless digital ad targeting solutions:

1. First Party Data

All brands and web properties have 1st party data. This is the information on who is likely a customer, buyer or prospect for their products or services. 1st party data comes in a few forms including website visitors, newsletter subscribers, social media followers, and previous customers. This data is incredibly valuable for a brand and can not be purchased or leveraged from any other source. 1st party data is often the quickest and easiest way to drive engagement and immediate demand.

Top 5 Cookieless Digital Ad Targeting Solutions

First party data can be leveraged in a variety of ways including CRM Targeting, Cadence Messaging, Website Retargeting, Email Marketing, and Lookalike Audiences.

2. Custom Survey Targeting

One of the biggest differentiators for Manicz Media compared to many other digital advertising companies is our robust database of consumers and B2B contacts (over 50 million contacts and growing) custom developed by our data team. Through our opt-in consumer growth process, users are contacted via the Manicz Media data team to complete an online survey or participate in a brief phone interview. Through these polling methods, numerous data points are obtained including job title, interests, purchase intent and more. These data segments can be custom tailored to the needs of Manicz Media advertising clients in an effort to maximize effectiveness, engagement and interest.

Top 5 Cookieless Digital Ad Targeting Solutions

Our advertising partners can even develop custom surveys to create their own audience segments for digital advertising. Reach consumers who complete custom built surveys to create segments based on their responses.

3. On-Demand Targeting

Manicz Media can build audience models based on search history, online research, custom intent and contextual content consumed. These audience segments are non-personally identifiable information and contain no direct data on a user’s name, address, or other information that would be considered sensitive.

Top 5 Cookieless Digital Ad Targeting Solutions

We call this approach “On-Demand” targeting as we are able to compile numerous data points to predict consumer needs and interests.

The contextual side of the targeting is increasingly important for efficient digital media performance. Ad campaigns tend to perform best when messaging is served alongside publisher content that is relevant to the message at hand. For example, serving an ad for a University on an MSN article talking about the best schools in America. Manicz Media has access to the best, premium, publishers and content available online.

4. Geofencing and Geohistorical Targeting

Geographically targeting digital advertising campaigns is a common occurrence in the advertising world yet still a powerful tool for marketers. In addition to location based geofencing, down to 25 feet, Manicz Media is also capable of Geohistorical Targeting where specific users and audiences can be reached based on their previous location over the last 3, 6, or 12 months. This allows for outreach to audiences who are confirmed to have visited specific events, locations, competitors and more.

Top 5 Cookieless Digital Ad Targeting Solutions

Geohistorical Targeting is particularly effective during recent lockdowns and quarantine periods where consumer foot traffic has changed due to social distancing. Being able to look back and target users who visited a location anytime within the previous 12 months can assist in maximizing audience reach and reliability.

5. CRM Matching

While technically 1st party data, it’s worth mentioning this audience targeting method twice. If you have an existing database of users, customers or subscribers, those audiences can be utilized to serve digital advertising messaging. This allows for multiple touch points and messaging to reach the audiences that have already engaged with the brand.

Additionally, with a database list, lookalike audiences can be built. Lookalike audiences are NEW audience segments built using data points from CRM data and databases. These new segments will match the criteria of known contacts and use that to find similar audience segments to deliver ad messaging to. Lookalike audiences often perform better than typical data models and 3rd party data.

All of these targeting methods can be leveraged to serve digital ad messaging including video, display, native, Connected TV, streaming audio, email and more. Manicz Media works with our clients to build an audience targeting strategy and then pair that with a custom tailored media campaign to drive engagement and results. Contact us today to strategize a campaign today.


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