Top 5 Ways to Utilize Geofence Advertising

Geofencing is a digital method of targeting prospects and serving digital advertising within a designated geographic area. It’s an effective way of hyper targeting new and existing customers by sending banner, native or video messages as they enter a specific geographic location as targeted and narrow as 25 meters. This strategy is all about mobile and identifies a consumer’s location by GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile id and cellular data. Below are the top ways to utilize geofencing to grow your business.

1. Notification Of Current Promotions

You already have an email marketing list and multiple methods of sharing your current promotions on and offline, but wouldn’t it be nice to notify people who are just a few blocks away? With geofencing you can! For example, serving geofencing ads to consumers who visited your store in the last 30-90 days. You know these are likely your customer base so bring them back in with reminders of new products, promotions and offers.

2. Provide A Personalized Experience

Sales and promotions aren’t the only strategy, as you can utilize geofencing to create a personalized shopping experience. Geofencing a conference center during an industry event and serve message in real-time to attendees to visit your booth or attend an off-site event. Then continue to serve messaging to those targeted consumer post event, even including different messaging.

Top 5 Ways to Utilize Geofence Advertising

Personalized messaging based around physical location can be highly effective to engage and convert customers

3. Geofence Your Competition

Whether your competition is across town or in the same neighborhood you can send a direct ad or discount to customers when they walk through the doors of your local competitor.

  • If they don’t find what they are looking for at your competitor, it keeps you top of mind.
  • It can alert your business to customers who’ve never heard of you.
  • If you send a discount it will prompt frugal shoppers to comparison shop.

4. Share Your Amenities

Hotels and hospitality companies are utilizing geofencing to remind customers of their multiple on-site amenities. For example, what time the buffet breakfast is served, how many restaurants they have, where the coffee shop is, the hours of room service, what floor the gym is on, that there is an on-site spa, an itinerary for the conference or event they are attending, and more. A discount can be included but the primary goal is to make the experience more convenient for guests.

5. Own your location

If you run a storefront or market within a vicinity of your business location, why not reach consumers who are nearby and have them stop in. Serve banner, native and video ads to consumers within 500 yards of your business. Think of it like a billboard but served to a mobile device instead of on a street corner.

These are just a handful of the ways that you can own your geo and utilize geofencing effectively. Geofencing is becoming a hot topic and solution for advertisers that is a great tool to reach niche audiences and customers where you know their location. Reach out to the team at Manicz Media today to learn how we can grow your business with geofencing!

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