Visitor & Foot Traffic Analytics Example Dashboard

We understand that reporting and analytics is very important to our clients. In an effort to provide robust insights for our media campaigns and Manicz Media is leveraging our data supply to showcase impactful analytics for in-person visitation and foot traffic to specified locations. The interactive dashboard below is a sample of what is possible with our Visitor Analytics Suite.

Manicz Media is capable of tracking specific locations including hotels, stores, attractions, brick and mortar locations, conference centers and much more. With individual insights for each location, we can showcase media performance and visitor analytics that includes:

  1. Where visitors are coming from
  2. Top zip codes driving visitation
  3. Visitor data including demographics, income, age range, and more
  4. Which tracked locations received the most visitors
  5. Media attribution and info on paid media performance to drive physical location

Below is a sample dashboard for hotels tracked within the city of Phoenix.

Manicz-Phoenix Hotels Audience Reports


For more information or to schedule a demo with your own custom locations, contact Manicz Media today.

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