What to Know Before Spending Money on Marketing

Marketing dollars are the riskiest to spend. What will work? What will drive results? Will your money just be thrown in to the wind? Utilizing Manicz Media, our digital strategists are here to encourage confidence when starting marketing campaigns.

Before you spend a dollar, make sure you have built trust with your audience already.

Do your website, landing pages and social media channel clearly explain what your offering or service is? Do you have an existing client base where you know what has compelled them to be your customer? With this information you can make insightful decisions when it comes to targeting relevant audiences and web content for your ad campaigns.

Know what success looks like for an advertising campaign.

Don’t even think about launching a digital advertising campaign unless you know how you will measure success of the media push. Driving traffic to a website with banner ads is going to drive different results compared to a video advertising campaign. Promoting content with native advertising will perform better than static banner ads. Are you looking for eCommerce sales or tracked conversions, display and retargeting will work the best. Make sure your expectations are made clear before beginning an ad campaign. Manicz Media can ensure a campaign is setup at the beginning to maximize your investment and success.

Highlight the problem and explain why YOU are the only solution.

When marketing your products and services not only do your advertisements need a clear call to action to encourage interaction with your consumers but once they get to your website are you making a compelling reason for them to take further action? Is your landing page user friendly and encouraging a next step in your process whether that be to read a blog post, book a hotel stay or purchase a product?

Find out your unique marketing opportunities, as competitors may have higher budgets than you may not be able to compete with.

Are your competitors leveraging social media with massive followings and paid placements? Are you seeing keyword costs going up in paid search for your most relevant phrases and likely searches for your organization? If your budget is not allowing you to stay competitive in these mediums then you need to look at other placements where your customers can find you and allow you to cut through the clutter. Video advertising is quickly becoming the solution that sets businesses apart from the competition with its compelling audience targeting, even for local audiences, and more engaging visual medium.

Knowing your customers, what makes them choose your business and how to convert a prospect to a customer are the foundation of a successful marketing campaign. Paid advertising can get your message in front of the right audience but you’ll still need to be sure you understand how to measure success of a campaign and go in to the program knowing what your goals and marketing metrics will be. Contact Manicz Media today to talk with one of our strategists and let’s put together a digital media campaign that will drive results for your organization!

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